By following these guidelines you can ensure you are caring for your vessel appropriately.

Your vessel should be cleaned using a cold damp soft fibre cloth and dried immediately with a clean, soft cloth or tea towel.

Do not use any abrasive cloths or scourers as they will cause surface scratches.

A solution containing a tiny bead of washing up detergent and water can used if you feel is required.

The vessel should not be left to soak or submerged in water nor should it be left to air dry.

All vessels are sealed with oil however contact with coloured liquid or wet food particles may cause staining.

Selected designs are lined with water clear resin, which enables them to hold water.

All other objects are water resistant not waterproof. 

Vessels are for indoor use only. 


If you have any questions with regards to the care of your piece please contact hello@homebyharlequin.com.au